Sapporo Shopping Sites

Sapporo Shopping Guide – Japan

Sapporo is the 5th largest city of Japan and the business and commercial centre of Hokkaido. It acts as a hub for tourists travelling to the far wilderness of the northernmost island in Japan. It also has a perfect balance of an urban city environment with plenty of nature around. Before you go to explore the outdoors of Hokkaido, make a stopover here and discover what the Japan’s newest city has to offer. In this series of Sapporo special blogs, I will share information on some of the best places to go for sightseeing, shopping and food in Sapporo.


Apartments in Japan

Renting in Japan – Beginners Guide

Apartment renting in Japan is perhaps a must for all expats. Unfortunately, it is not a cake walk even if you understand a bit of Japanese. It certainly helps if a Japanese friend is with you all the time during the process but, I believe to ask the right questions you should be equipped with all the information. This post serves as an all inclusive guide for renting an apartment in Japan. The article also contains specific points to remember when renting in Hokkaido. The time required for the whole renting process can range anywhere from 4 days to 2 months depending on how soon you choose an apartment. The process contains four steps. (more…)

Hospital Room in Japan

Surviving Hospitalization and Surgery in Japan

The medical technology in Japan is certainly one of the best in world and the social health insurance system of Japan makes it a lot more affordable. The Japanese medical system can be a little intricate at first for any foreigner. But, if you are a victim of your anarchistic body, you will soon get the hang of it. This is my tale of an eight-month long adventure with the Japanese medical system, which includes a Laparoscopic surgery, and five days of hospitalization. Read along if you would like to know what awaits you in a Japanese Hospital. (more…)