Lake Shikotsu

Lake Shikotsu – One day trip from Sapporo

The drive to Lake Shikotsu from Sapporo took us through the winding Route 463. The road was sandwiched between skeletons of trees standing on a thin layer of snow and waiting to spring back to life at any moment. The winding road straightened abruptly as we approached the shore of Lake Shikotsu. Driving along the shore, I admired the beauty of Mount Eniwa reflecting in the calm water of the lake. The water in the lake was very clear and I could even see the rock while cruising on the road.  Soon we arrived at the Shikotsuko Hot Spring and spent a few hours enjoying a picnic by the lake side. This was my second trip to Shikotsuko and certainly not my last. The proximity of the lake from Sapporo and its natural aura makes it a popular getaway for locals and traveller alike. Find out what you can see and do in Shikotsuko, one of my favourite day trip spots from Sapporo.

Tip: You can also combine your day trip to Lake Shikotsu with  Sapporo Art Park or the Northern Horse Park if you are driving to the lake.

Lake Shikotsu (支笏湖)  is one of the two major lakes in the Shikotsu Toya National Park with Lake Toyako being the other. On quiet days, the serene lake reflects the surrounding mountains and forests creating a picture postcard scene. Being a national park, the Shikotsuko area is also full of nature and wildlife including Hokkaido Brown bears, Japanese red fox and Black woodpeckers. Access to the lake by public transport is easy, thanks to Japan`s convenient public transport system. However, to explore the other local attractions in Shikotsuko area a car or bike ride is highly recommended.

 Lake Shikotsu facts

  1. It was formed 40,000 years ago due to a massive explosion of three volcanic mountains Mount Eniwa, Mount Tarumae and Mount Fuppushi.
  2. Lake Shikotsu is the second largest caldera lake after Lake Kussharo and the second deepest lake after Lake Tazawa in Japan.
  3. It ranks as the Eighth largest lake in Japan.
  4. Lake Shikotsuko is the northernmost non-freezing open lake in Japan.

Activities around Lake Shikotsuko

  • Bike riding and scuba diving ( yes, you can scuba dive in this freshwater lake ) are quite popular activities here. To rent a bike or scuba diving gears  head to Shikotsu Kohan on the western side of the lake.
  • Every year from mid-April to early November, boat rides are also offered on underwater sightseeing boats, speedboats, swan boats, and water skaters. Click here for more information on Lake Shikotsu sightseeing boats.

Lake Shikotsu Boating

  • For birdwatchers, a wild bird sanctuary also known as Yacho-no-mori is on the South of Lake Shikotsu.
  • Fishing is another popular activity here, and mysterious giant Sakhalin Taimen and the threatened  Hucho Taimens are believed to be lurking deep inside the lake .

Lake Shikotsu Fishing Photo Credit hiroyukitakeda CC.BY.2.0

There are plenty of restaurants along the lake side. I love eating cheese imo-mochi (traditional Hokkaio food) and Yubikari Melon flavoured soft cream at the lake side while enjoying the view.

Cheese Imo-mochi

Popular Lake Shikotsu festivals

Shikotsu Hyoutou Festival/ Ice Festival:

Held annually from January 24th to the February 16th. The lake Shikotsu winter festival features ice sculptures made out of water from the lake; fireworks, Wadaiko drum performances and lots more. Do carry enough layers to avoid becoming a sculpture yourself.

Lake Shikotsu Ice FestivalPhoto Credit

Autumn Festival:

Held in mid-October. You can enjoy kanpukai at Lake Shikotsu while sipping on warm  Kokanee Salmon soup. Discounts are also up for grab for boat rides and Onsen fees for non staying guests.

Sightseeing Spots around Lake Shikotsu:

The below spots are best explored by car or bike ride.

Koke no Domon (Moss Canyon):

Koke no Domon is a moss covered gulley. The gulley was created due to the deposition of ignimbrite during a volcanic eruption of Mt. Tarumae tens of thousands of years ago. Unfortunately, due to the danger of an avalanche entry to the gulley is not permitted. However, there is an observation platform. Open for public viewing  from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm early June to late October.

Koke no Domon Moss Canyon Lake ShikotsuPhoto Credit Jpatokal

Directions to Koke no Domon: Approximately 20 minutes walk from the car park to viewing platform. Click here for directions.

Kyoboku-no-Mori (Gigantic Forest trees):

A huge forest filled with hundreds of years old sky touching Katsura and Oak trees. There are also old sayings that some of the trees in Kyoboku-no-mori have spirits in them. It is certainly a place where I would not like to get lost.

Directions to Kyoboku-no-Mori: Park at Bifue Camping ground and walk along the camp-site tracks.

Mt. Tarumae:

Mt. Tarumae is an active volcano that last erupted in 1981. 70 percent of the mountain is accessible by car. To get to the mountain peak, you will need to park at Nango-mae and then hike. Climbing to the top will take about one hour for intermediate to expert hikers. You can also circle the crater of the active volcano however, due to poisonous gases entry to the crater is not allowed. At the summit, enjoy stunning views of the Hidaka mountain range, Mt. Yotei and Lake Shikotsu. Full day guided tours to Mt. Tarumae are also available.

Mt. Tarumae Lake ShikotsuPhoto Credit MartyIto CC.BY.2.0

Directions to Mt. Tarumae: Takes about 30 minutes to the car  park at Nango-mae. Click here for directions.

Lake Okotanpe:

A beautiful lake nestled deep within the forests near Mt. Eniwa-dake in the Shikotsuko area. Lake Okotanpe is best explored by walking. A viewing platform is also available on Highway 78.

Lake Okotanpe Lake ShikotsuPhoto Credit Ms.ShuShu

Directions to Lake Okotanpe: Approximately 30 minutes drive from Lake Shikotsu. Click here for directions.

Popular onsens around Lake Shikotsu:

Marukoma Onsen Ryokan:

Marukoma Onsen is the oldest and one of the most popular hot springs among day visitors. The baths are located along the lake shore and offer relaxation away from the tourists in the lake area. Click here  for Marukoma Onsen Ryokan`s Japanese website.

Business hours for non staying guests: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Admission fees: 1000 JPY

Directions: Approximately 15 minutes by drive or taxi from Lake Shikotsu. Click here for driving directions.

 Lake Shikotsu Tsuruga Resort Spa Mizu no Uta :

Tsuruga is a four star rated Onsen resort located near the pleasure-boat boarding point at Shikotsuko. It is at a walk-able distance from the all the restaurants and souvenir shops in the lake area. The resort also offers lunch buffet and hot spring packages at 3000 JPY  for non staying guests.

Directions and other information : Click here

Tip: If you plan to visit hot-springs on a day trip, do carry an Onsen bath towel and a face towel to avoid any embarrassmentClick for information on Japanese Onsen etiquettes.

 For more information on other Onsen ryokans in Shikotsuko area, click here.

How to go to Lake Shikotsu?

Click here to for directions and other information on Lake Shikotsu.

Parking fees: 410 JPY

Hokkaido Chuo tour buses also operate between New Chitose airport and Lake Shikotsu in all seasons. Click here for information.

A trip to Lake Shikotsu is worthwhile in all seasons. In summer the mountain peaks and forests are lush and green, in autumn they display vibrant autumn colours and in winter you will be in a winter wonderland while enjoying a hot Onsen dip.

Do let me know your comments or questions by writing below.

As always, thank you for reading

14 thoughts on “Lake Shikotsu – One day trip from Sapporo

  1. I plan to fly into New Chitose Airport on February the 5th of next year. ETA 08:20. Would like to visit Lake Shikotsu Snow Festival and stay back for the fireworks since that would be a Sunday. What would be your recommendation? There should be at least 4 travelers.
    A. Should we go from the airport? But I think this will be too long for us to hang around.
    B. Should we take the train into Sapporo to drop our luggage first, have lunch then go to the festival? Besides the tour (¥4,300/pax), is there a cheaper bus alternative from Sapporo?


  2. Hi Mel,

    It really depends on your planning. In terms of saving money, I think the best option is to go from Chitose, as I could not find any other cheaper bus alternatives from Sapporo. May be you can spend time at the onsens near lake Shikotsu, hire a taxi to take you around some of the other places near the lake, or hang around at the shopping mall near Chitose. Option B will cost you an additional 1200 JPY/person (approx) from the airport to Sapporo.


  3. Hi good day,
    We are planing to Sapporo for 6 days 5 night.
    Arrive at Chitose airport end of Jan.
    Planing to stay in lake shikotsu onsen resort or city area.But prefer not to travel too long distance.
    May i know what are the tour we must go and not to miss? Thank you

  4. Hi Agnes,

    Do you plan to stay at Lake Shikotsu for your entire trip? In terms of the tours which you must go, Depending on what you would like to see and experience, I can certainly suggest you the nearby must visits. January is a good time for onsens, skiing and sea food. I now provide personalised guided tours in English, so why don’t you send me an email, if you are interested?


  5. Hello,
    I am planning to go to Shikotsu lake in February 2018. Will it be a good idea to spend an entire day (morning to night) in Shikotsu lake? If yes, what are the recommended activities that I should do? If not, what are the alternatives for spending a day in Chitose (since I will be staying in Chitose and not Sapporo)?

    Thank you.


    1. Hi K,

      It really depends on what your interests are. Depending on the date of your visit to Shikotsu, you can spend your day by visiting the Onsen during the day and then checking out the Shikotsu Ice Festival in the evening. If you decide to spend your day at Chitose then, some of the alternatives are, visiting the Northern Horse Park , Salmon Aquarium or shopping at the Rera outlet mall.


  6. Hello, if I stay at Lake Shikotsu Tsuruga Resort Spa Mizu no Uta.. where is the best place to SKI? less than 1.30hours drive

  7. I will go hokaido on 8 September 2018,reach new chitose Airport on 9 th September morning…. I plan for 8 days trip…. Where u will recommend me to go? Furano, biei, hokadatr is it worth to go?
    I dun want travel too long for one day… Hope can get some recommendations from u…. And we did not book any hotel yet… Tq

    1. Hi there,

      September is the time when Autumn arrives in Hokkaido, so you can go to places where you can see beautiful autumn foliage. The flowers in Furano and Biei will be all gone by then. Hokodate is a good city to travel to and stay a night. If you are not keen on travelling too long on any day you can do day trips to nearby places such as Otaru, Asahikawa, Lake Shikotsu, Jozankei, Noboribetsu etc. There are also plenty of fruit farms around Sapporo where you can go to pick your own fruits from the orchids. I am writing an article on that will be soon posting it, so watch the space. Lake Toya is another good place to visit and stay a night. What sort of places are you interested to visit?


        1. There wont be any lavenders out on the field, but you might still be able to see lavenders in the green house of Farm Tomita along with other flowers out on the field. September is the sunflower season in Hokkaido, so you can view sunflower fields at Zerebu no Oka near Biei.

          1. Hi Monica,

            My family and I are visiting Hokkaido from 2nd to 16th December 2018.

            We will be at Sapporo from 2nd to 4th December.

            4th to 6th December, we are at Asahikawa.

            6th to 8th December, we are at Otaru.

            7th December onwards, we are at Sapporo.

            We wish to go for day trips from 7th to 16th December.

            Some places we are visiting include Nobiretsu and Lake Shikotsu.

            How do we travel from Sapporo to Lake Shikotsu?

            We understand that you are a tour guide. Can we engage your service?


          2. Hello Wong,

            The best way to travel and explore Lake Shikotsu is by driving. There are no direct public transport facilities from Sapporo to Lake Shikotsuko. Chuo buses run tour services to Shikotsu which you can check here You can also catch a bus from New Chitose airport to the lake. Check here for more information on how to access . I would have loved to show you around, however I have just had a new baby who will be still a bit too young in December. I hope you and your family will have an awesome stay in Hokkaido.


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