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Sapporo is the 5th largest city of Japan and the business and commercial centre of Hokkaido. It acts as a hub for tourists travelling to the far wilderness of the northernmost island in Japan. It also has a perfect balance of an urban city environment with plenty of nature around. Before you go to explore the outdoors of Hokkaido, make a stopover here and discover what the Japan’s newest city has to offer. In this series of Sapporo special blogs, I will share information on some of the best places to go for sightseeing, shopping and food in Sapporo.

  Happiness is not in money but in ShoppingMarilyn Monroe

Sapporo has many places to help you buy the happiness in shopping. A good number of stores also offer tax free shopping for international tourists (carry your passport). To boost your shopping karma in overdrive, head to the following spots:

Sapporo JR Station:

A gigantic web of underground stores offering souvenirs, apparels, footwear, jewellery, cosmetics and electronics makes Sapporo JR Station as one of the largest shopping sites in Sapporo. Daimaru on the western wing (International branded stores where I only go for window shopping ) and Esta on the eastern wing are multi storey department stores.  Daimaru`s food court is a good place to buy Omiyage`s such as Kit Kat in a number of weird flavours that I could never even imagine.  Apia, Paseo East & West and Stellar Place are smaller shopping areas connected to the former two department stores (I love strolling here to get my monthly retail fix).All of these 5 shopping zones also have good dining options to take a refuelling break

If you are struggling with size while buying clothes, then UNIQLO on 5th floor of  ESTA is a good place to buy basic clothing items.  Yodobashi (West exit of Sapporo Station) and Big Camera (ESTA building) are brilliant places to buy tax free electronics and other goods. They also have kids gaming sections to keep your little ones happy. After shopping, I sometime go to Cinema Frontier Sapporo on the 7th floor of Stellar Place to watch a movie. Beware of the middle seat trap in Japanese theatres though.


Hello Kitty Japan

Tip: At the information desk in APIA centre, international tourists can get 1000 yen welcome coupons and also limited free Wi-Fi connection on presenting their passport or the Hokkaido Rail Pass. Keeping cash is always recommended as the shopping system in Sapporo is mostly cash based.

Business hours – 10:00 am to 8:00 pm for most of the shops, Restaurants close between 10:00 pm -11:00 pm.

Directions: Click here .

100 Yen Stores ( Hyaku Yen Stores) :

I love the 100 yen stores in Japan. They sell an amazing array of house wares, gifts, stationary, souvenirs etc.  for just 100 yen (+ consumption tax). Large department sized and small stores can be easily found all over Sapporo. Daiso and Cando are two my favourites. Two 100 yen stores are also in Sapporo Station (At B1 floor of Esta and in Bridge Building next to Yodobashi Camera).

100 Yen Store Japan

Business hours – 10:00 am to 8:00 pm ( some stores are open 24 hrs)

DirectionsDaiso near Sapporo Station.


The Odori Area is famous for old domestic stores as well as new International fashion outlets. Pole town and Aurora town are two of the main shopping areas here. Both these shopping arcades are underground hence easy to access in winter as well. They begin at the Odori station and end at Susukino subway station. I love the perky underground shopping ambience here with a variety of stores and cafes .

 Parco shopping complex  in Odori hosts a number of western brands along with local Japanese outlets. Mitsukoshi is another  shopping complex just opposite to Parco. Both of these places have cafes and restaurants to recharge the shoppers.

Odori Shopping Sapporo

Pole Town Parco Odori

Tip: From the south exit of Sapporo station walk through the underground Sapporo Ekimae dori ( Sapporo to Susukino) while exploring shops, cafes, local art exhibitions etc. Parco can also be reached straight from Pole town

Business Hours – Pole town and Aurora town Stores – 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Directions:For directions to Parco click here.


Developed in the 18th century, Tanukikoji (a place where badgers hang out) was the first organised shopping site ever created in Sapporo. A whopping number of shops, restaurants, cafes, Karaoke bars, and night clubs give it a bazaar like feel. You can buy pretty much everything from souvenirs, local food products and cheap cosmetics to kimonos, tea and incense sticks.  I usually go to Donki Quijote when I am in Tanukikoji. Donki has a huge range of merchandise where you can shop till you drop. Tanukikoji area is a great place for street shopping but ladies please keep your men away .

Tanukikoji Sapporo

Tanukikohi Shopping Arcade Sapporo

Tip: Nijo Fish market is few minutes walk from Tanukikoji.

Business Hours: Around 10 in the morning and runs late in the night. Donki is open 24 hours.

Directions– For directions to Donki Quijote, Click here. It can be directly accessed from Susukino station.

Sapporo Factory Outelt Mall:

Don’t go by the name, Sapporo factory is actually a  shopping mall. It was a former manufacturing site for Sapporo breweries. The shopping mall is separated into three main zones. Nijo and Sanjo areas in the mall sell clothes, footwear, home items etc. The Renga area is an attractive place to look at and and buy local handicrafts and souvenirs. It also has a big pet store Pet land, if you want to shop for your pets. On the ground floor dining options are available and in the atrium they usually have events going, with the biggest being a giant Christmas tree lighting. Beer garden with Jingisukan at the corner of the factory is a good place for a cold beer in Summer.

Business hours: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm (shops) 10:00 pm ( restaurants)

Directions : Click here or walk five minutes from Exit 8 of Bus Center-mae Subway Station (Tozai Line).

Mitsui Outlet Park Kitahiroshima:

Mitsui is a chain of large shopping malls. The park in Kitahiroshima has hundreds of International and Japanese brand stores catering to all the shopping needs. As it takes about 40 minutes from the down town Sapporo to reach, I rarely go there.

Business hours: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Directions : Click here for directions.

Rera Chitose Outlet Mall:

Rera mall is the largest outlet mall in Hokkaido and great for some last minute shopping before you fly out of Sapporo. It has more than 400 brands under one roof. It reminds me of the large shopping outlets in Australia where I used to go for my annual shopping. They offer massive discounts on fashion and other accessories.

Rera Chitose Mall Sapporo

Photo Credit Miki Yoshihito CC.BY.2.0

Business hours: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Directions: Click here

Ario Ito-Yokado:

Ario is my new favourite shopping place in Sapporo. Located next to Sapporo Beer Garden, Ario is very spacious, in comparison to some of the other malls here. This place is a paradise for young ones. It has a number of stores for kids of all ages ranging from newborns to teenagers such as Akachanhonpo, Toys”R”Us, and Babies”R”Us. Plenty of stores for grown ups are also around. Unlike Daimaru and Odori shopping areas, what you you will not at Ario are, big international brands. A good number of dining options are also available and it is tax free for international tourists.

Ario Shopping Mall Sapporo

Business hours: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Directions: The best way to reach Ario is by Chuo bus #188 and #63 from Sapporo Station North Exit Bus stop. Go here for train directions.

Do share with me what are your favourite shopping spots in Japan by commenting below. For some of the interesting site seeing places in Sapporo, go here.

As always, thank you for reading

19 thoughts on “Sapporo Shopping Guide

  • I hope you can help. I am traveling to Sapporo Dec 29 2017 to Jan 3 2018. We are party of 4. I can’t seem to get any reasonably priced booking at hotels around Susikino Station or Niseko Green Leaf. Are the places all sold out this early? I stayed at Ibis Styles two years ago. This is also fully booked.

    • Hi,

      I am not sure if the hotels are already sold out for next year but rooms charges are certainly costlier between December-February. Perhaps, you can check with the hotels straight?

      Good luck!

      • Yes, hotels are holding back on rates December 2017 to January 2018. Which hotels have you stayed at either Sapporo or Niseko?

        • Since I live in Sapporo, I haven’t yet stayed at a hotel here. Niseko is usually a day trip away for us.

  • Hi.. is there Tokyu Hands in Sapporo? Also how many days would you recommend for first timers (with 8 yo kid) to properly enjoy Sapporo? Mostly we like to try out foods, shopping and visit kids friendly places. Appreciate your kind feedback 🙂

    • Hi Swany,

      I have been to two Tokyu Hands in Sapporo. One is at Stellar Place 5th floor,Sapporo Station, and a much bigger one is near Odori. Here is the link for you . With regards to your second question, I would say it depends on how leisurely you would want to do sightseeing. Anyhow, I suppose, 3-4 days are good to explore and enjoy the food. I hope it helps.


      • Thank you so much Monika.. your blog is very helpful, I will try to read all of the articles for reference ?
        Another question.. I understand that lavender in Furano will be fully bloomed on July.. we plan to go on June, is it still worth visiting? We will also be counting on buses and trains. If it’s not, we will allocate the days to Shakotan and probably Aomori instead.

        • Hi Swany,

          Furano will be nice in June as there will be other flowers in bloom, but not lavender as you already know. However, Shakotan will be beautiful in June and you can eat highly prized Sea urchin. The season starts from mid June. In regards to Aomori, I havent been there yet, so cant comment really.


  • Angela Tan

    Hi Monika,

    I’m going Hokkaido with my family next month via tour. This is our 1st trip to Hokkaido and I got 1 free & easy day. Am planning to go Mitsui Outlet. Is it worth going there? Thanks.

    • Hi Angela,

      Mitsui outlet in Kitahiroshima is a bit far from the city centre so, I have been there only once. However, it has a good number of premium brands which you cannot find in the Sapporo station or Odori shopping area. Its not a bad idea to check it out if you have some spare time. I hope you have a great time in Hokkaido.


  • Jessica

    Hello 🙂
    where is the best place to buy crockery (plates/bowls/dishes), household/kitchen items, chopsticks/holders, tea cups/pots and the like? Anything similar to Kappabashi dori in Tokyo?

    • Hi Jessica,

      I dont think there are any such specific streets for household items in Sapporo, but you can check out Nitori.


  • Samantha

    Hi.. will be in Sapporo 30 Jan may i nnow where can i get Anello bag ?

    • Hi Samantha,

      I have seen Anello bags at different stores in the Sapporo station area. You can check out LOFT, or other stores selling bags in Sapporo ESTA. Donquijote in Chuo-ku or Sapporo Parco in Odori is also an option. Have an awesome stay in Sapporo and keep warm.


  • Hi!
    We’re planning to go to Sapporo on March 17-24. Will there still be snow by then?

    • Hi Rita,

      March is not the time to find best quality snow in Sapporo, as fresh snow fall usually stops by then. However, you will still find snow piled up on the ground and it will be cold too. Most of the ski resorts and parks such as the Takino Suzuran snow world will be open until March end. So, you can certainly have fun in snow when you are here. I hope you will have a great time.

      • Maritzi

        Thank you so much, Suppersilly Traveller?

  • is ther a don quijote at Sapporo?


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