Jigokudani Noboribetsu

One day trip from Sapporo – Noboribetsu and Shiraoi Ainu Town

Sapporo has some fascinating┬áplaces around to do one day trips for sightseeing either by using a car or a public transport. It doesn’t matter if you are a wanderer, a wildlife admirer or a history buff, there are places to suit everyone’s penchant. One such day trip from Sapporo that you can do is to Noboribetsu and Shiraoi Ainu town which is about 120 kilometres from Sapporo. (more…)

Salmon Fishing Day trip – Hokkaido

Fishing was always on my wish list during my stay in Australia. It came finally true in Hokkaido. While planning for this trip, I thought what could be better than having a giant salmon as your first catch. I planned a weekend Salmon fishing expedition to Shiretoko along with few newbie Japanese anglers. I was super excited but also petrified by the thought of holding a waggling fish in my hands.Read along to know how it turned out. (more…)