Sake Cup

Drinking Culture in Japan: Seven commandments

Japan has a big drinking culture. Alcohol is considered to be an innate part of the Japanese society. If you want to be successful and climb up the ladder at work, then going out drinking with your colleagues will become a part of your daily life. Japanese workforce socialise only when they go out drinking. Work rules, strict hierarchy and the shyness of Japanese people takes the funny bone out of them. Making a joke about your boss can put you in big trouble, unless the boss is too drunk to remember. If you are invited for one such party then, not going isn’t the best option, as drinking parties are used to enhance bonding and settle differences. (more…)

Noh Plays – A glimpse into 14th Century Japan

 I was invited to watch a Noh play by one of my Japanese friends. At first, I thought she is talking about the “Noah” but Wikipedia quickly told me how wrong I was. Noh is a form of classical Japanese Opera that is being performed since the 14th century. My friend told me that the Samurai warriors had to undergo Noh training to please their Shoguns. Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to go without knowing what to expect. (more…)