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Ramen Sora – Susukino Sapporo

After a busy Saturday, only one thing was left in the end and that was a farewell dinner for a friend. It was quite chilly outside and nothing can be better than a hot bowl of Ramen. We decided to go for the Ramen Sora’s original restaurant. A Japanese friend suggested me this restaurant long ago but I could not figure out it’s location (a challenge which most of the foreigner’s face if their Japanese is not very good).  This time though, after walking the same street a couple of times there it was.

Ramen Sora at Susukino
Ramen Sora at Susukino

A tiny 7-8 seater Restaurant, which believe me is hard to notice even if you would have walked past it a number of times.

It was 6:30 pm, the restaurant was empty and the five of us entered. With 1 Chef and 1 Assistant (both of them can not speak English) behind the little kitchen. The menu was in Japanese & English with 7 types Ramen and 4 Rice options. Most of the Ramen dishes were Miso based and you can choose the hotness (kara-sewa) level from 1-3.


All of us decided to go for the Spicy Miso Ramen, but the two of us (including me) went with Kara-Sewa 3 and the rest with number 2. The Chef was quite surprised when we said “Kara Sewa 3” and he warned us it might be a little too hot to handle . However, I had my “adventure mode” on and decided to stick with it.

Ramen was presented in front of us and you can easily make the difference between the Kara-Sewa 3 & 2.

Spicy Miso Ramen. On the left Kara Sewa 3 and on the right Kara Sewa 2
Spicy Miso Ramen Kara Sewa 3 & 2

It was super delicious and super spicy! The soup was nice and rich with Char siu pork, Half an egg, Bamboo shoots, Thinly sliced red bell pepper, Spring onions and Ground pork. Even though, my Ramen was a little too hot to handle, I absolutely loved it. The tingling sensation on my tongue was amazing!

Winter makes me feel very hungry and I wasn’t full with this bowl of Ramen so we decided to order a Chilly Mayo Char Siu Donburi (flame grilled char siu pork on rice with chilly mayo on top) to share. Delicious is the only word that comes to my mind.

By the time we finished our Donburi, there was a long queue of hungry Ramen eaters outside and we decided to give them our seats. I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the Chef.

Ramen Sora's Chef
Chef at Ramen Sora

This place is now one of my favourite Ramen shops in Sapporo and I am going to be there soon again. Only this time, I know how to go, and so do you.

Just click on the map below.

Google Map

Do share with me your favourite Ramen restaurant in Sapporo by commenting below.

4 thoughts on “Ramen Sora – Susukino Sapporo

  • Nice blog Supersilly traveler. Looking forward to more from you.

  • This is helpful for locating the restaurant. Will be travelling with my family to Sapporo end of this year and plan to have some hot, spicy ramen at Ramen Sora. They have several branches here in the Philippines and, I think, one in Las Vegas.

    • I knew about the branch in Las Vegas, but didn’t know they have branches in Philippines. Anyway, I think the best ramen is served in the original shop here in Sapporo. 🙂
      I hope you will have a good time in Sapporo.


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